What I Bring to the Table!

Here’s how we can work together…

Whether your outreach strategy includes digital display, promotions, PSAs, digital video, print, TV, radio, social media, community events or any of the other “latest and greatest” you should be holding your salesperson accountable for performance. With 10+ years of media and marketing experience, as well as experience on the “other side of the table”… here is a sampling of things I can offer your business. Let me help you in being heard and most importantly heard by the right audience!

Media Buying

Media buying and most importantly analyzing! We will agree on the audience and we will work to compare apples to oranges in the impressions we want to reach (and leave for that matter)! TV, radio, even free PSAs can all be compared to digital to help streamline the strategy.

Content and Creative

Helping determine the best social content and platform and (only if needed) finding the right partner to implement.

Consulting on creative for digital ads or commercials and (again only if needed) finding the right partner. This may be a great production company or someone with an iPhone camera.

Grassroots Marketing

Community outreach ideas for giving back to the community. This one is truly my favorite, but of course not for everyone!

Press releases to help get news coverage (don’t worry I have a copywriting expert since I am clearly not). The news can’t be sold, but I can help you give them something worth sharing!

Education and Advisement in things you can do on your own, whether in store signage/promotions or through marketing to pull it all together.


Analyzing current vendors to organize the mess based on agreed upon metrics and decide who’s worth keeping. This can even include trade events!

I’d be the second set of eyes in “bridging the gap” in your marketing and most importantly I’d hold people accountable to promises they’ve made on your return!

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