Perspective is Key!

I am finishing up a vacation at a beautiful resort in Florida thanks to a generous gift from my husband and sons to help me relax! Funny story is I actually hate even the word relax. Something about it has the opposite effect on me and feels so forced, so I decided on this trip I am using the term feeding my soul with sunshine! All about perspective I guess 🤣 On another note the perspective here is it’s cold and people have winter hats on… not this Western NY girl!

Mentally, I am at a place of zen while also being at a place of let’s kick ass and get things done! I don’t want to use my peace and quiet to just unwind, but rather to get myself in the perfect head space to push rewind on the two weeks since announcing my business venture! I was at the place of motivation around my birthday when I put the first pieces in place, but Covid had other plans! I guess one could say the beauty of making my own schedule with this is that now I’m the only one responsible for picking up speed to make it happen!

While being sick there was one item I was able to check off my to-do list and that was to collect and organize my plan and thoughts behind this business! First off, no I’m not crazy but rather smart in knowing I have talents, knowledge and connections I can share. That has value! It’d be crazy not to add this venture to my plate!

As a business owner or marketing consultant, are you guilty of buying media and getting the post report of your buy’s performance to have no idea whether what you bought was truly “good”? Or better yet whether it accomplished any of the original goals? Did your salesperson even discuss your original goals?

In my career, the amount of times I saw businesses throw money at a wall to see if it would stick was astounding to me. It was so often wasted, when having the strategy be more tactical and analytical would have made a world of difference. Even for “just a small social buy.” Well guess what… I make spreadsheets for every decision of my life, how do you analyze your business? Maybe not needing a spreadsheet for every decision but we can decide that!

Your business may keep you up at night as you determine your next move for growth. The joy of solving that puzzle for you is what keeps me up at night! I consider that exciting. Remember, all about perspective! Reach out today and we can at very least chat! I don’t charge for that 😉

Happy Birthday to Me :)

Remember a couple years ago when everyone reorganized their homes to spark joy as illustrated by Marie Kondo? Well my home has never been organized and the idea of folding laundry a certain way, or really at all, in this house is laughable. Maybe someday that’ll be my focus but not today.

One thing she was onto though, was the art of focusing on getting rid of things that don’t spark joy or reorganizing to bring in more joy. While I don’t have the desire to have a spotless home, I do focus on making sure that what fills my day makes me smile where I can control.

I recently started an entirely new career path and it’s truly the most fulfilling work I’ve done in my lifetime. It is an entire dresser of perfectly folded joy filled laundry. That doesn’t go without missing some of the creative fun I had with my marketing background and that joy in helping our community’s businesses. This new part time venture for me is just that; a way to bring back that joy while I further give back and help my family. I guess we can tie it back to the laundry metaphor in finding that old favorite shirt rolled up in the drawer and rocking it again simply because it makes you smile!

My goal with community businesses is to help them reorganize their priorities and make sure every aspect of their business is bringing joy to their life. This should include their interaction with the public, also known as marketing! How much happier can we make this world!