I am so excited to use my past and current career to help bridge the gap experienced by every business owner, nonprofit, entrepreneur, marketing manager, really every person with a message to get out. I was once a salesperson helping people like you get messages out and now I’m on the other side of the table with a message for the community in my career. As business owners you get calls and countless emails for the “latest or greatest type” of marketing, idea or an initiative a salesperson most likely has a goal on, but how do you know what media is right for you? How do you know when to pickup the phone? These calls truly aren’t all bad but I know the education in what’s good specifically FOR YOU is lacking. I want to help you be more informed for every penny that leaves your wallet!

Transparency and communication are two words that I have always considered key to having a successful career with so many past clients. I’ve recently been working on what my own personal brand is and the gleaming connection in all of my passions is using my talents, time and (someday money) to make our community a better place. I’m able to do that in my full time job by making people feel safer on the roads. I’m able to do that on the board with Dreams from Drake in making people feel supported and now I want to carry that support over into making people feel heard! Let’s help people hear about your passions, your businesses mission, and why they should solicit you! How do you make our community better? We need more of that!